Learn more about our global solutions. We've profiled a few of our archived projects to illustrate our full range of capabilities. Check out what we've done for our clients, and learn about the benefits we can bring to your organization:

Sunnyvale, CA - Building Demolition

Fremont, CA - 48,000 sq ft tenant improvement

Sunnyvale, CA - 53,000 sq ft R&D tenant improvement

Palo Alto, CA - 8,000 sq ft Office retrofit

San Jose, CA - Consolidation of two campuses into one

Burlington, Ontario - 130,000 sq ft. R&D office with unique infrastructure needs

Mountain View, CA - 105,000 sq ft Corporate headquarters office space

Palo Alto, CA - 95,000 sq ft R&D office, complete exterior and interior retrofit

Sunnyvale, CA - 52,000 sq ft Sales office with demo room

White Waltham, United Kingdom - 16,000 sq ft Sales office with demo room

Munich, Germany - 12,500 sq ft Sales office with demo room


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